NVIDIA DRIVE Constellation

NVIDIA DRIVE Constellation™ is a dedicated data center platform for AV hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation at scale. It runs NVIDIA DRIVE Sim™ for the core simulation engine and tests on the same AV hardware used in the vehicle to support bit- and timing-accurate AV validation.

Drive Constellation

DRIVE Constellation is comprised of two side-by-side servers:

The first server — DRIVE Constellation Simulator — uses NVIDIA GPUs running DRIVE Sim software to simulate the virtual world. The simulator generates the sensor output from the virtual car driving in a virtual world.

The second server — DRIVE Constellation Vehicle — contains the autonomous vehicle target computer that processes the simulated sensor data and feeds driving decisions back to the DRIVE Constellation Simulator.


DRIVE Constellation is designed to be deployed at scale in the data center. This allows fleets of virtual vehicles to drive simultaneously during development and testing, encountering rare and dangerous scenarios well before on-road deployment.

High Fidelity

DRIVE Constellation makes it possible to test the full AV software stack running in real time on the target vehicle computer. Such bit- and timing-accuracy provides a high-fidelity proving ground for the virtual vehicle.

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