NVIDIA DRIVE® Mapping is an open and scalable solution that combines a flexible sensor suite, software and software APIs, with high-definition maps provided by leading mapping companies.

DRIVE Mapping consists of:

  • DRIVE Localization for determining the precise 6-DOF position and orientation of an Autonomous Vehicle within an HD Map with centimeter level accuracy
  • DRIVE Mapstream for updating cloud based HD Maps with road features perceived by DRIVE Perception
  • DRIVE MyRoute for creating crowdsourced maps of urban areas where HD Mapping companies may not service

DRIVE Mapping encapsulates mapping and localization components that allow developers to use, co-create and update High Definition Maps that enable automated driving and Autonomous Vehicles.


DRIVE Mapping consists of two parts, one in the autonomous vehicle (DRIVE Localization and DRIVE MapStream Client), and the other in the cloud (DRIVE MapStream and DRIVE MapServices).

DRIVE Localization

DRIVE Localization enables autonomous vehicles to localize themselves within centimeters to high-definition (HD) maps. This capability allows an AV to understand its surroundings and establish a sense of road and lane structures.

Precise positioning is made possible by matching semantic landmarks in the vehicle’s environment with features from HD maps, to determine exactly where it is in real time. This requires a massive amount of computational horsepower, and is executed by the DRIVE AGX platform with efficiency, robustness and accuracy.

DRIVE Localization leverages low-cost sensors on the vehicle consisting of a front camera, a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver, and an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), enabling a cost-effective solution.

DRIVE Localization is also designed to be scalable for effective localization anywhere in the world. We have been working with the leading international mapping companies that have built HD maps of the world’s roads.

In this video, you can see the HD map on the right hand side and the result of the localization on the left where we see the HD Map (blue and green lines as well as yellow semantic landmarks) overlayed on the camera feed.

DRIVE MapStream

DRIVE MapStream Client allows map vendors to efficiently update their HD maps worldwide. This is done by crowdsourcing sensor perception from vehicles using DRIVE platform. DRIVE Perception detects semantic landmarks in the vehicle’s environment (e.g., road boundaries, lanes, signs, poles, traffic lights, roadmarks), their shape, location, and other characteristics. This allows the HD map provider to extract the delta and update HD map. The map update occurs in the HD map vendor cloud with data uploaded from the autonomous vehicle through DRIVE MapStream Client.

DRIVE MapServices

DRIVE MapServices enables fast and efficient creation of HD maps directly from an autonomous vehicle on the road. DRIVE MapServices is deployed to fuse data from various vehicles and multiple drives on the same route to create HD maps called MyRoute.

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Developing with DRIVE Mapping

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