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Active Stereo Camera



Isaac Certified* Driver for Isaac SDK 2021.1

Active Stereo Camera


LIPSedge™ AE400 Industrial 3D Camera

Isaac Certified* Driver for Isaac SDK 2021.1

Stereo Camera

Econ Systems

STEEReoCAM® - 2MP Stereo Camera

Reference Driver for Isaac SDK



TiM 571

Reference Driver for Isaac SDK
Contact SICK for further details


SICK Safety

Microscan 3 Pro & Reference BOM for Isaac SDK based AMR/AGV

Reference Driver for Isaac SDK
Contact SICK for further details


Universal Robots

e-Series and CB/3

Reference Driver for Isaac SDK
Contact UR for latest driver

Carter v2.0 - Robot Base

Segway Robotics

Segway Robotics RMP 220

Latest Driver

Carter v2.0 - Robot Housing




Frequently Asked Questions about Isaac SDK Certified Driver Program

  • Why this program?
    • Robotics developers need to be able to rely on sensors for their work. This program tests sensors and drivers with Isaac SDK with a focus on machine perception; it tests the observed samples reported to an application against ground truth for correctness, performance of the sensor for real-time execution, and for stability needed during development.
  • What sensors are covered?
    • This program is currently focused on RGB-D cameras.
  • What are the steps to have an Isaac SDK Certified Driver?
    • Step 1: Bring up the camera on Jetson. Learn more about the Jetson Partner program here. Contact your NVIDIA representative to enroll.
    • Step 2: Write the Isaac Driver + Run certification tests for every Isaac SDK release.
    • Step 3: Submit certification test results to NVIDIA, with SW driver & HW used (for NVIDIA to verify and grant certification).
    • Step 4: Update git repository (such as Github or download page) with the certified driver.
    • Note: Passing certification tests for the sensor for the ISAAC SDK release provides assurance to developers using ISAAC SDK with the sensor.
  • On what hardware platforms Isaac SDK run?
    • Isaac SDK runs on Jetson platform. The SDK is fully optimized for this platform.

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