NVIDIA DesignWorks™ is a unique suite of tools and technologies designed specifically for developers creating professional graphics and advanced rendering applications. Now, developers of CAD, AEC, and rendering applications can have a wide range of development tools, sample code, and advanced libraries to do their best work.

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Platforms and Technologies


Solutions for creating realistic images using ray tracing, or real time rendering techniques with OpenGL®, DirectX®, or Vulkan™

  • OptiX programmable ray tracing framework
  • MDL SDK description language for materials and lights that can be shared across renderers
  • vMaterials library with hundreds of ready to use real world materials
  • GVDB Voxels a GPU-based framework for VBD data structures inspired by OpenVDB used for motion picture visual effects and modelling.
  • IndeX 3D Visualization for Discovery and Exploration
  • VXGI real-time global illumination
  • NVIDIA Pro Pipeline high performance rendering pipeline for scenes with complex scene graphs
  • Rendering Methods optimized sampling algorithms for faster image convergence, modified shading and more

Virtual Reality

Immersive design applications can benefit tremendously from the latest virtual reality technology.

  • VRWorks is NVIDIA’s set of APIs, libraries, and features that enable both VR headset and application developers to deliver amazing VR experiences.


Technologies for visualizing your designs with high fidelity at any scale

  • Mosaic multi-display scaling and synchronization
  • Warp & Blend adjust geometry and intensity for multi-projector systems


Rigid bodies, cloth, destruction, particles and fluids:

  • PhysX Scalable physics solution
  • Clothing Quickly generate dynamic clothing
  • Destruction Enables artists to quickly generate pervasive destruction
  • Particles & Fluids Physical particles which can interact with wind and other forces. Particles can also be used to simulate fluids


Incorporate live video streams at low latency


Access and manage NVIDIA Hardware through an application interface

  • NVAPI full access to NVIDIA GPUs and drivers in any UI and non-UI application
  • NVWMI graphics/display management through Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation
  • NVML API for monitoring and managing various states of NVIDIA GPUs
  • Virtual GPU Software Management SDK build monitoring and management solutions optimized for NVIDIA GRID

Sample Code

Graphics and compute samples for developers of professional design applications.


Tools for debugging, profiling and optimizing graphics and compute applications:


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