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Sharpen Your Edge AI and Robotics Skills with the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit

Are you interested in getting started with edge AI and robotics but not sure where to begin?  Look at the relaunched NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit... 4 MIN READ
Web Scraping and How To Use It
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Scraping Real-Estate Sites for Data Acquisition with Scrapy

Data is one of the most valuable assets that a business can possess. It sits at the core of data science and data analysis: without data, they’re both... 12 MIN READ
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What Is a Smart Hospital?

A smart hospital relies on data-driven insights, including machine learning models and AI-powered medical devices, to facilitate decision-making. < 1
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Benefits of Using Pull Requests for Collaboration and Code Review

Software teams comprise a broad range of professionals, from software engineers and data scientists to project managers and technical writers. Sharing code with... 6 MIN READ
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Upcoming Workshop: Training & Tuning Text-to-Speech with NVIDIA NeMo and W&B

Learn to train an end-to-end TTS system and track experiments in this live workshop on December 8. Set up the environment, review code blocks, test the model,... < 1
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Improving Machine Learning Security Skills at a DEF CON Competition

Machine learning (ML) security is a new discipline focused on the security of machine learning systems and the data they are built upon. It exists at the... 8 MIN READ