NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion™ is a reference architecture for NVIDIA’s Level 2+ autonomy solution consisting of a complete sensor suite and AI computing platform, along with the full software stack for autonomous driving, driver monitoring, and visualization. The DRIVE Hyperion Developer kit can be integrated into a test vehicle, enabling AV developers to develop, evaluate, and validate AV technology. Software is updated to DRIVE Hyperion using the NVIDIA DRIVE OTA over-the-air update infrastructure and services.

DRIVE Hyperion is designed for:

  • Autonomous vehicle (AV) developers focusing on Level 2+ autonomy and up.

It is ideal for the following objectives:

  • DRIVE AV perception evaluation
  • DRIVE IX evaluation
  • Data collection for AV perception neural network training
  • Data collection for mapping
  • On-road testing


How it all comes together

With DRIVE Hyperion, software is configured for data acquisition (of various sensors), data logging (using storage devices), visualization (using displays inside the vehicle), vehicle interface (using a drive-by-wire interface), and software updates (using a modem). This allows developers to experience, evaluate, and develop using NVIDIA DRIVE applications and DRIVE Software.

Sensor Layout

The DRIVE Hyperion Developer Kit features specific types and configurations of sensors to enable application development for Level 2+ autonomy and up.

  • 7x external cameras (Sekonix/On Semi AR0231)
    • 2x front cameras (120 FOV and 60 FOV) for Euro NCAP safety and basic L2 features
    • 3x side (120 FOV) and back cameras (60 FOV) for advanced highway L2+ features
    • 2x cross-traffic (120 FOV) cameras for urban development
  • 1x in-cabin (55 FOV) camera for driver monitoring features (On Semi AR0144)
  • 8x radars (Continental ARS430)
    • 1x front centered radar for basic L2 features
    • 4x corner radar for advanced highway L2+ features
    • 1x rear radar for high-speed automatic lane changes
    • 2x cross-traffic radars for urban development
  • 1x IMU (inertial measurement unit) for self-calibration and egomotion (Xsens)

Refer to the DRIVE Hyperion Developer Kit Quick Start Guide (PDF) for details.

Developing with DRIVE Hyperion

How to get it

The DRIVE Hyperion Developer Kit is available exclusively for members of the NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Program for DRIVE AGX. Your company or university must have current legal agreements on file. Please contact your NVIDIA Representative (or contact us) to ensure that the necessary agreements have been signed before requesting to join the program. Users may only join with a corporate or university email address; register for the NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Program for DRIVE AGX.

How to set up

You will need:


  • Calibration: Use the calibration tools to adjust the sensors before using any software. Refer to DRIVE Calibration for details.
  • Run the Pre-flight Checker tool. Refer to DriveWorks SDK Reference/Tools/Sensor Tools in the DRIVE Software Documentation.
  • Execute an NVIDIA Roadrunner sample. Consult the Roadrunner* Users Guide (DRIVE AV) included in the DRIVE Software Documentation.
  • * Roadrunner is NVIDIA’s autonomous driving application developed using the DriveWorks SDK.

How to develop

Development TasksGetting Started
Sensor data collection (for neural network development or map development)
Experience DRIVE AV: self-calibration, perception, mapping, and localization
Experience DRIVE IX: driver monitoring
Update software on DRIVE AGX over the air
  • Refer to DRIVE OTA (Coming soon).
* = You will need to be a member of the NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Program for DRIVE AGX to access this file.

Additional Development Resources:

Documentation (PDF)

DRIVE Developer Kit accessories and sensors