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New Release: NVIDIA RTX Global Illumination 1.3

NVIDIA RTX Global Illumination (RTXGI) 1.3 includes highly requested features such as dynamic library support, an increased maximum probe count per DDGI volume... < 1
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Explainer: What Is the Metaverse

The metaverse is the “next evolution of the internet, the 3D internet,” according to NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang. < 1
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Open Source Simulation Expands with NVIDIA PhysX 5 Release

The latest version of the NVIDIA PhysX 5 SDK is now available under the same open source license terms as NVIDIA PhysX 4 to help expand simulation workflows and... 5 MIN READ
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Accelerating Load Times for DirectX Games and Apps with GDeflate for DirectStorage

Load times. They are the bane of any developer trying to construct a seamless experience. Trying to hide loading in a game by forcing a player to shimmy... 10 MIN READ
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Upcoming Event: Level Up with NVIDIA: RTX in Unity

Learn how to leverage the latest NVIDIA RTX technology in Unity Engine and connect with experts during a live Q&A at this webinar on November 16. < 1
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Uplifting Optimizations, Debugging, and Performance Tuning with NVIDIA Nsight Developer Tools

When developing on NVIDIA platforms, the hardware should be transparent to you. GPUs can feel like magic, but in the interest of optimized and performant games,... 6 MIN READ