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Ultra-Realism Made Accessible with NVIDIA AI and Path Tracing Technologies

At GDC 2023, NVIDIA released new tools that make real-time path tracing more accessible to developers while accelerating the creation of ultra-realistic game... 7 MIN READ
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Implementing USD for Game Development Pipelines: An Interview with Polyphony Digital

Polyphony Digital, a subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc and the creators of Gran Turismo, has exceeded 90M copies of cumulative sell-through sales... 6 MIN READ
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Top AI for Creative Applications Sessions at NVIDIA GTC 2023

Learn how AI is boosting creative applications for creators during NVIDIA GTC 2023, March 20-23. < 1
Screenshot shows USD user interface editing a bridge with statues.
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Q&A with Remedy Entertainment: Adopting USD into the Game Development Pipeline

Mika Vehkala has worked in the game development industry for nearly three decades and contributed to projects such as Horizon Zero Dawn and The Walking Dead: No... 5 MIN READ
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3D Content Interoperability with Topology-Free Modeling

Current topology-based modeling software produces 3D objects in a single level of detail. This makes them inoperable with multiple platforms in the metaverse.... 10 MIN READ
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Upcoming Event: NVIDIA at the Game Developers Conference (GDC)

Join us March 20-24 to discover the latest NVIDIA RTX and neural rendering technologies accelerating game development.  < 1