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Identifying Shader Limiters with the Shader Profiler in NVIDIA Nsight Graphics

This is a deep dive into the Shader Profiler feature of NVIDIA Nsight Graphics. The Shader Profiler allows you to find hotspots in your shaders and why they're hot. 8 MIN READ
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Shaping the Future of Graphics with NVIDIA Technologies in Unreal Engine 5

With the launch of Unreal Engine 5, NVIDIA announces support with key RTX technologies for developers to propel their games and experiences to the next level. 5 MIN READ
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New Ray-Tracing, AI, Cloud, and Virtual World Tools Simplify Game Development at GDC 2022

NVIDIA announced a number of new tools for game developers at this year’s GDC to help you save time, more easily integrate RTX, and simplify the creation of virtual worlds. 9 MIN READ
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Latest Releases and Resources: March 3-9

Register for the Game Developer Conference; join DRIVE Developer Days; get DLI training at GTC; learn how Metropolis can grow your vision AI business; meet the Shell.AI Hackathon winners. 3 MIN READ
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Autonomous AI Outraces Gran Turismo World Champs

The newly announced AI racer, Gran Turismo Sophy, uses deep reinforcement learning to beat human Gran Turismo Sport drivers in real-time competitions. 5 MIN READ
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Improving Aiming Time on Small FPS Targets with Higher Resolutions and Larger Screen Sizes

Competitive gamers prefer to play at the highest refresh rate possible, but new higher resolution monitors increase aiming performance for small targets. 8 MIN READ