NVIDIA RTX Memory Utility (RTXMU)

Reducing Memory Consumption with an Open Source Solution

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RTXMU combines both compaction and suballocation techniques to optimize and reduce memory consumption of acceleration structures for any DXR or Vulkan Ray Tracing application.

Save Time

RTXMU reduces the time it takes for a developer to integrate compaction and suballocation into an RTX title.

Eliminate Wasted Memory

For applications using RTXMU, NVIDIA RTX cards get a ~50% reduction in memory footprint.

Prevent Fragmentation

Scenes with thousands of small unique BLAS benefit greatly from suballocation.

Open Source

To ensure we are able to support as many developers as possible, RTXMU will be made available as open source on GitHub.

NVIDIA Competitive Analysis

RTXMU Competitive Analysis
NVIDIA’s compacted AS memory footprint is 3.17x smaller than AMD’s compacted AS memory footprint.

Using RTXMU as a Suballocator

  • The AS suballocator works around the 64 KB / 4MB buffer alignment requirement by placing small AS allocations within a larger memory heap.

  • The AS suballocator still has to fulfil the 256 B alignment required for AS allocations.

  • If the application requests 4 MB or larger suballocation blocks then RTXMU uses placed resources with heaps that can provide 4 MB alignment.
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    Using RTXMU for Compaction

  • If the build requests compaction, RTXMU will request the compaction size be written out to a chunk of video memory.

  • Once the compaction size has been copied from video memory to system memory, RTXMU allocates a sub-allocated compaction buffer to be used as the destination for the compaction copy.

  • The compaction copy takes the original build containing unused memory segments and truncates it down to the smallest memory footprint it can fit in.

  • Compaction and Suballocation Analysis

    RTXMU Suballocation
    Suballocation can further reduce the amount of AS memory by tightly packing them together

    RTXMU Compaction
    NVIDIA reduces AS memory by ~50% when using compaction


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