NVIDIA Nsight Aftermath SDK

NVIDIA® Nsight™ Aftermath SDK is a simple library you integrate into your D3D12 or Vulkan game’s crash reporter to generate GPU "mini-dumps" when a TDR or exception occurs.

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Version 2022.2 Release Notes  |  Revision History  |  GitHub Samples

*NVIDIA® Nsight™ Aftermath SDK marker feature is temporarily disabled. To still use the feature, simply run the Nsight Aftermath Monitor, included in the SDK and in the Nsight Graphics package, and markers will be reenabled on that system. Developers are not permitted to ship the monitor as part of their installation package. Future release to improve overhead caused during in-studio testing with marker enablement.

NVIDIA® Nsight™ Aftermath SDK is freely offered through the NVIDIA Registered Developer Program

GPU Mini-Dumps with Nsight Aftermath

With Nsight Aftermath, developers can generate a GPU “mini-dump” file from a live running graphics application that contains detailed information about the GPU pipeline. This information can be used to pinpoint not only where in the user code the faulting workload was launched, but vital data about the pipeline to understand why the exception was triggered. These GPU “mini-dump” files provide debugging information for the immediate problem, and an artifact for tracking problem trends and patterns.

Application Integration

    Nsight Aftermath can be integrated into user applications to allow for this important debugging information to be collected and processed by already established workflows and infrastructure (e.g. crash reporters)

GPU Mini-Dump Viewer

    The GPU “mini-dump” files generated by Nsight Aftermath can be loaded into Nsight Graphics for a rich visualization of the data.

Latest Driver Changes

  • Enabled MMU fault data collection.
  • R495
  • Introduced later marker payload binding.
  • R470
  • Fixed issues where shader instructions would not resolve correctly.
  • Fixed issue where not getting proper marker info when both user and automatic markers are enabled.
  • Fixed misreporting of any GPU exception as a page fault.
  • Fixed problem where crash dumps were not generated when Windows GPU Hardware scheduling is enabled.
  • Last driver that supports the legacy Aftermath 1 code path. Upgrade to the latest Nsight Aftermath SDK to update your application.
  • R465
  • Fixed the Vulkan driver crash when resolving shader locations.

  • Requirements

    Operating System GPU Architecture GPU Driver Graphics APIs Nsight Graphics Viewer
    • Windows 10 17763 (RS5)
    • Windows 10 18362 (19H1)
    • Windows 10 18363 (19H2)
    • Windows 10 19041 (20H1)
    • Windows 10 19042 (20H2)
    • Ubuntu v18.04, v20.04
    • Redhat v7.6
    • Centos v7.6
    NVIDIA Pascal architecture GPUs and newer 516.40 or newer DirectX 12, DirectX Raytracing, Vulkan, Vulkan Raytracing Nsight Graphics 2022.3 or newer