Expanding Support for Arm Developers

NVIDIA’s accelerated computing platform is used to help solve the world’s most challenging computational problems. Today, NVIDIA GPUs not only power some of the world’s largest supercomputers and cloud data centers; they also power edge devices across industries. NVIDIA is expanding support for longtime partner Arm to open new opportunities for developers across an already vibrant ecosystem.

Embedded Developers

The entire set of NVIDIA tools, libraries, and frameworks will be compatible with the new Arm CPUs and scalable vector extensions (SVE) where applicable.

Software Application Developers

Arm compatibility will be built into the entire set of NVIDIA tools, libraries, and frameworks.

Hardware Developers

NVIDIA is collaborating with an increasing number of hardware developers to design and validate arm-based systems with NVIDIA GPUs.

SoC Designers

To open up new opportunities in AI, we’re working with system-on-chip (SoC) designers to add GPU compatibility to their products.

NVIDIA Arm HPC Developer Kit

The NVIDIA Arm HPC Developer Kit is an integrated hardware and software platform for creating, evaluating, and benchmarking HPC, AI, and scientific computing applications on a heterogeneous GPU- and CPU-accelerated computing system. The kit includes an Arm CPU, an NVIDIA Ampere A100 Tensor Core GPU server, and the NVIDIA HPC SDK suite of tools.


High-Performance Computing

Comprehensive Suite of Compilers, Libraries, and Tools for HPC Developers

The NVIDIA HPC SDK includes compilers that are optimized for performance on Arm CPUs with vectorization and multi-core support.


Optimized Implementations of Industry-Standard and Domain-Specific Algorithms

Built on top of NVIDIA CUDA®, CUDA-X™ is a collection of libraries that are optimized and available on Arm systems.


CUDA Development Environment for Creating Apps on Arm

The CUDA Toolkit for Arm provides a development environment for creating high-performance, GPU-accelerated applications on Arm.

CUDA Toolkit

Debug, Profile, and Develop Applications for NVIDIA GPUs

NVIDIA Nsight™ Developer Tools are designed to scale across a wide range of NVIDIA platforms, from multi-GPU workstations and laptops to embedded devices with a variety of Arm CPUs.

Developer Tools

NVIDIA Mellanox InfiniBand and Ethernet for Arm

NVIDIA® Mellanox® InfiniBand™ and Ethernet products deliver the highest productivity, enabling compute clusters and converged data centers to operate at any scale, while reducing operational costs and infrastructure complexity.

NVIDIA Mellanox InfiniBand

Cloud and Data Center

Process Critical Network, Security, and Storage Tasks

The NVIDIA BlueField® data processing unit (DPU) is a single piece of silicon that integrates 64-bit Arm multi-core processing power with an NVIDIA Mellanox ConnectX® network adapter.

NVIDIA BlueField Data Processing Unit

Container Orchestration

Kubernetes on NVIDIA GPUs lets you automate the deployment, maintenance, scheduling, and operation of multiple GPU-accelerated application containers across clusters of nodes with Arm CPUs.

Kubernetes on NVIDIA GPUs

Manage and Monitor GPUs in Cluster Environments

NVIDIA Data Center GPU Manager (DCGM) simplifies GPU administration in the cloud and data center to improve resource reliability and uptime, automate administrative tasks, and drive overall infrastructure efficiency.

Data Center GPU Manager

Create Applications and Services on NVIDIA BlueField DPUs

The NVIDIA DOCA SDK (Data Center Infrastructure on Chip Architecture) for Arm integrates industry-standard open APIs needed to build software-defined networking, storage, and security applications and services.


Maximize Storage and Network IO

NVIDIA Magnum IO leverages Arm-compatible libraries and technologies such as GPUDirect® RDMA, SNAP™, SHARP™, and NCCL to maximize storage and network input/output (IO) performance for multi-GPU, multi-node acceleration.

Magnum IO

Edge AI and Robotics

Software Hub Simplifying Deep Learning and Machine Learning for Arm Developers

NVIDIA NGC™, a hub for GPU-optimized software, includes framework containers, demos with sample code, and more to help accelerate the development of edge AI applications on Arm-based NVIDIA Jetson devices.


High-Performance, Low-Power Computing at the Edge

NVIDIA Jetson™ is the world’s leading embedded AI computing platform with an integrated Arm CPU.

Jetson for Edge

Open Source Data Science Framework

NVIDIA RAPIDS is a suite of open source software libraries and APIs that accelerate end-to-end data science and analytics pipelines. Compatible with Arm-based NVIDIA Jetson devices.


Streaming Video, Audio AI Applications

The NVIDIA DeepStream SDK is a complete streaming analytics toolkit for AI-based multi-sensor processing with optimized video decode/encode and image scaling. It’s compatible with Arm-based NVIDIA Jetson devices.

DeepStream SDK

Robotic Development Platform with Simulation, Navigation, and Manipulation

NVIDIA Isaac™ tools and APIs accelerate robot development by making it easier to add AI for perception and navigation. The Isaac SDK runs on and is optimized for Arm-based NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier™ systems. .

Isaac for Robotics

Personal Computer

Linux Personal Computer with RTX and AI

Combine Arm CPUs with NVIDIA GeForce® GPUs and Linux for a powerful, RTX and AI enabled personal computer.

Get Linux Driver

Real-time AI and imaging for medical devices.

The NVIDIA Clara AGX™ is an AI computer powered by ARM-based NVIDIA Xavier™ and RTX GPUs.

Clara AGX

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